Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rain Maker For Hire

NOTE: My webhosting migrated again or re-migrated or upgraded or whatever and I can't make things work and it's making me frustrated and I don't have time for problem solving right now.

Yesterday I made it rain again. I decided to hoof it over to Powell's to see if I could pick up a few more copies of the anthology with my story in it. The sky did not look rain-like and I clicked the trusty weather icon on the desktop and there was Nothing about rain. So off I went without my umbrella and wearing my non-waterproof wool hat. You can guess the rest. For the second time in two days I had to wring out my panties. Also, Powell's didn't even have the book but I've learned since that's available here.

In other news, on Monday night when I got home I had a piece of mail from a lab that performed routine and completely uncontroversial lab work for me at my regular check up in September.

The form letter indicated they hadn't received payment for their services and further that according to Oregon law, if insurance refuses to pay a claim, they need to notify the lab and the patient in writing. The bill was for $50.

The letter goes on to instruct me to contact my health insurance and find out what's going on and then call the lab and tell them and if the health insurance doesn't have a copy of the claim then I need to call the lab with the name and fax # of the representative I'm dealing with and they'll resend the bill.

For the time and money it cost to waste my time, why not just start by re-billing insurance? Why am I even being involved?

I phoned my health insurance phone tree and after being advised that wait times were longer than usual I went through their website and sent an email relaying all of the above and giving them the lab's billing department phone in the desperate hope that I can be taken out of the loop on this stupid thing.

My insurance emailed me back and said they had no record of the claim, that they don't accept faxed claims and to instruct the lab to mail the claim to the claim address. Then I called the lab and they wanted to keep me on hold forever so I hung up and faxed them a note telling them to re-bill. Stupid.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Wonderful World of TV

[The regular blog is burping right now so I'll post this here just in case.]

Several years ago, when I was writing, I was very strict about how many TV shows I could have. TV is a terrible time waster.

Then I quit writing and when the new fall season started I tried every single show I was remotely interested in. Since then I've been trying to reel it back in and now that I'm writing again, I'm cutting back. But after a long day at the office all I'm good for is a glass of wine, a plate of tacos and TV.

From last year I lost Veronica Mars (boo!) and I gave up on Grey's Anatomy. Lost and Battlestar Galactica don't start until January. I hope. If the writers strike ruins Battlestar Galactica I will be one very unhappy camper.

These are my current shows:

Bones. I started watching Bones because Angel is on it and it's turned out to be one of my favorites. The crime solving part is pretty mundane but the characters are fabulous.

Supernatural. This is my favorite guilty pleasure. My ultimate fantasy would be to have Sam and Dean come over and clean my house and then make a Pam sandwich.

Torchwood. This is my favorite of my news shows this season. I never watched Doctor Who (netflix-ing, in progress) but I added this on a whim and LOVE it. Captain Jack is my hero.

Bionic Woman. Every time I mention this show to someone they talk about the 1970's series, which I did watch, but this show has zero to do with the 1970's series other than the idea. I don't love the show but I like it enough to keep watching. It's like Alias with bionics.

Heroes. Heroes is on the bubble for me. I don't think I'd miss it if I quit but I'm still just interested enough to tune in one more time. One thing I don't like about this show is it takes itself way too seriously. I also don't think Peter Petrelli is all that and I can't stand Niki. I am very curious to see what the David Anders character is up to.

Moonlight. I started watching this show because it's about vampires and the only thing I love more than vampires is pumpkins. It's actually pretty lame but I can't stop watching.

Pushing Daisies. I started watching this show because of the Wonderfalls connection. I was undecided after the first episode but it's grown on me. I love the characters and the loopy tone.

Weeds. This is one of the few shows Bob and I watch together and we LOVE it. Great characters.

Other regular shows not reviewed: The 4400, Psych, Simpsons, The Daily Show and At the Movies with Ebert & Roeper.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Welcome To Blogspot

Here's the test run while my webhosting is on vacation.